This problem is most common when a user has sent an invoice for info to more than one recipient, and made a typo one of the e-mail addresses. It can also happen for reminders, if there are more than one users on a role. In that case, one of the users has an invalid e-mail address in Palette.

When it fails to send the e-mail to all recipients, the system tries to send the e-mail over and over again. The e-mail addresses that are correct then receives the e-mail every time the system tries to send it. It is not possible to change the email address manually. The e-mail must be deleted in PaletteMaster.

Here is how you delete the e-mail:

  1. Log in to PaletteMaster.
  2. Go to Message queue and search with criterias Will be sent in parameter Status and type the correct email address receiving all the e-mails in parameter Email to or Email cc. Use asterixes on both sides of the e-mail address. Click on Search
  3. The result will hopefully give you only one post, and to delete the e-mail you click on Remove. If the e-mail is a reminder e-mail, make sure you check all the users on the role, so that the failing e-mail address is corrected.