Some companies has accounting records that are handled in PaletteInvoice like invoices, but the total amount on the invoice is zero. Other companies can send invoices for sample procucts or services, where the price is zero. These zero invoices can be handled in PaletteInvoice, but most ERPs can't handle bookings where the total amount is zero. Many external scanning partners can provide a service where they sort out the zero amount invoices, and send it to the customer instead of scanning it to the regular invoice flow.

If you want to prevent zero invoices from entering the flow in PaletteInvoice, but don't have the option to stop them already in the scanning process, our suggestion is to save a Selection template in the invoice log. Use the selection template every day, and delete the zero invoices before you start distributing invoices to the invoice flow. If you want an automatic feature that checks for zero invoices, that is possible through an adaption. Register a ticket if you want an estimate for an adaption.