Why do I receive message “Transaction (Process ID 84) was deadlocked on lock resourses with another process and has been chosen as the deadlock victim” when performing a search in reports? 

The ref. message suggests that whilst performing a search in the report, there are several simultaneously queries and updates performed in the same table in the database.

When searching in the report, Palette is using the table called Invoice. Even updates of payment date, invoices arrival account coding, final recordings and transfer from the invoice log updates the same table with information.

To get around this, try to do your search at a time when you know there are little activities in Palette. For example, early morning or around lunch time the activity in Palette is less frequent.

Also try to make your search more defined by dividing your search in different ways. Should you, for example, search for all invoices over a month, it is recommended to first search on a date range for the first 15 days. Then you do the same way for the rest of the month. This might help.

The more refined criterias you are using, the easier and faster it is for Palette to search out a result. In many cases, it helps to only choose the company in question, despite the fact that you might only have one company.