Error message: License error (1357,104,0) Licensed number of users already reached

A ReadSoft license permits a certain number of user licenses for each module, which means that you can only ha a limited number of a module open on different workstations simultaneously. If you try to open a module for which all licenses are in use, you get the message above.

A standard license permits the use of Verify on two computers simultaneously. The other modules can only be opened on one computer at a time. If you are running Interpret and/or Transfer as a service, the service will be using the license for each module. If you want to be able to have more modules open at the same time, you can order extra licenses. The license file in the FlexLM folder shows how many licenses you have for each module.

If you get the error message even though the module is not in use somewhere else, the license may be hung. Then it can help to restart the FlexLM server.

How do I restart the FlexLM server/license server?