The error message indicates that the computer can not connect to the scanner. It can often be as easy as the scanner being turned of, or that one of the cables between the scanner and the computer is lose. Try the following steps (it is important to do everything in the correct order):

1. Turn off the computer that is connected to the scanner.
2. Turn the scanner off.
3. Make sure that all cables are attached and not lose.
4. Start the scanner.
5. Start the computer.

If this does not solve the problem, do the following:

# Check with your IT departement and make sure they have not made any recent changes/adjustments in the system or network.
# Has a new anti-virus software been installed on the computer recently? Anti-virus software that has been installed can cause this problem (especially Panda)
# Check that the firewall has not been turned on and check energy saving settings on the computer.