One or more users does not receive reminders

Start by controlling that the task under Maintenance Service is running. The task name is usually called “Send mail in message queue” or similar. If there is a red circle with an X on the same line, an error has occurred.

You can search this for this error under Event log by choosing Error as Type of Event and Send mail in message queue as Task type. The search result should indicate what the problem is. Please feel free to contact us if you don’t understand the error message.

If the Send mail in message queue task seems to run ok you can check Message Queue in PaletteMaster for any errors. 

Here you can use different search criteria, for instance message type and e-mail address, to find recipient or type of message. In the search result you might find a hint on why the e-mail has not been sent.

If you still don’t understand why the e-mail doesn’t reach its destination please contact our service desk by creating a ticket in Freshdesk. Please attach error messages find in above troubleshooting, if any.