To make sure that you don't exceed the maximum number of invoices before the end of the year, do as following:

  1. Log in to PaletteMaster.
  2. Select Environment in PaletteMaster and check activated licenses for your production environment.
  3. Click on License tab in PaletteMaster
  4. Select the licence activated to your production environment.
  5. Press the License Report button to get more detailed information. The license report shows the number of invoices that have been transferred from the invoice log per year.

Palette counts the licence during calendar year, from January to December, the date you transfer the invoice from the log will be set and calculated. E.g. If your invoice or account coding date of the invoice are 01/01/2019 and your transfer date is  25/12/2018 then the invoice will be calculated within the license period of year 2018, not 2019.

Note! Licences are setup for each environment to be used. If one license is linked to all the production, test and demo environments, then the number of invoices will be calculated for all environments.

If you want to increase your Palette licence, please register a ticket in Palette Support Portal.