You can see how much of your licenced volume you have used in PaletteMaster. Here's what you do:

  1. After you have logged in to PaletteMaster, check under Environment what the license is called for the environment you want to check. (If you have more than one environment, they can either have seperate licenses or share the same license.)
  2. Go to the Licence tab and click on the license. Here you can see when your license how long your license i valid, what modules you have, and the volume for each module.
  3. Click on the Licence Report button to see how much you have used up of your licensed volume. The counter is reset at the turn of the year.


You can't check the status of your license in PaletteArena, but if you want to check how many invoices/requisitions/expenses/budget requests you have had during the year, you can use the report Documents per month, which is found under Reports > Administration > Documents per month. You can compare the number of documents between the years, and chose to see all companies or specific companies. If your license is used for more than one environment, you will need to check all environments to get a full picture of the license usage.