Accounting date can be changed for one or more invoices in Palette in these three places:

My Invoices> detail picture

My InvoicesInvoice log 

Administration> InvoiceChange accounting date

The role that will change the accounting date must be assigned  a permission group with 2 set in the parameter Change the accounting date for an invoice.  
Administration> General informationPermission Groups


In My Invoices> detail picture it is possible to change the accounting date on the invoice. In the field Accounting Date, change the date and click Save.

In My InvoicesInvoice log you can change accounting date for each invoice or for all the displayed invoices via the button Change accounting date.

In Administration> Invoice> Change accounting date, it is possible to change the accounting date of all active invoices in the system for the selected company. Note that this does not apply to the invoices in the Invoice log since those invoices are not yet active in Palette.

1. Choose Administration> Invoice> Change accounting date

2. Companies. Enter a company, to change the accounting date only on this particular company.

3. Time interval. Enter dates from and to. This refers to the current accounting date and you therefore want to pick up the invoices that have these dates now.

4. New Date. Enter the new accounting date. All active invoices in the range will receive this date.

5. Click Save. You will get information of how many invoices that have been updated and which ones.