It is possible to choose favorites among accounts and objects for each role. This can be done by the role user under My Profile > Favorites or by an administrator under Administration > General information > Role. Please observe that it is only possible to choose accounts and objects that the role has permission to as favorites.

The point of choosing favorites is to lower the amount of items shown in the drop down-lists when you are doing the invoice account coding in the invoice account coding view in  My Invoices. If you have permission to a lot of accounts and object, favorites make it easier to find what you're looking for, since only your favorites are shown in the drop down-list. Performance-wise it can help to make the invoice view load quicker. You can always also access the items that have not been chosen as favorites.

To add favorites, follow these steps:

 1. Either go to My Profile > Favorites or, if you are a system administrator, go to Administration > General information > Role. Find the role and click it to get to the role detail view. Click Permissions > Favorites.
 2. Choose what registers you want to select favorites for and click Search.
 3. Items shown in the column Not selected are the items that the role has permission to, but that are not currently favorites. Select your favorites by marking them and moving them to the Selected-column using the black arrow.
 4. Click Save. 

If you don't have the Favorites option under My Profile, that means you don't have permission to administrate you role's favorites by yourself. You then need to contact your system administrator, to have them do it for you.