When doing the invoice account coding, the role can access all accounts/object that the roll has permission to. 

To check what permissions the role has, follow these steps:

1. Go to Administration > General Information > Role.

2. Search for the role and click it to get to the role detail view.

3. Go to Permissions > Permissions.

4. Choose a register, i. e. account or one of your object types.

5. Click Search.

The values presented in the Selected-column are the accounts/objects that the role has permission to. Accounts and objects that the role does not have permission to are presented under Not selected.

To change the role's permissions to an account/object, you can move it between the columns using the black arrows. Another way of changing a role's permissions is to go to Permissions > Select permissions, and adjust the permissions there.

If the role has permission to an account/object, but still can't see it when doing the invoice account coding, please consult the FAQ named "How do I use Favorites?".