It's possible to have a link from an ERP, or other external system, to a corresponding invoice in PaletteInvoice. This is done using a URL according to the following structure:




There are three possible ways of authentication to reach the site from an external system using the URL above.

1: The user lands on the login page. After logging in, the user automatically lands in Reports and the invoice is shown. If you choose this option, the security is the same as in the application. 

2: Trusted Login is used. The result is the same as option 1, but you use SSO, so the user is logged in automatically.

3: A specific user for external reports is logged in automatically and the invoice is shown. The user and a role needs to be set up in PaletteArena. The rest of the configuration is done in PaletteMaster, under Environment.

Note! Microsoft has changed the security from Office 2007, so that it doesn't work to use the above link in Excel. That will send you to the login page for PaletteArena. To be logged in automatically, you need to create a VBA script.