Since Adobe released a new update of Adobe Reader in the middle of January 2017, many of our customers have reported issues with PDF files in PaletteArena. The problems occur when using Internet Explorer as your webbrowser. The problems can be that images can not be viewed, and sometime invoices can not be signed. You then get a message saying that Adobe Reader has stopped working.

There are some settings you can configure in the webbrowser and in Adobe Reader to help get rid of these problems. We have put together an instruction to help our customers fins these settings. The instruction is available for download below. If you are unsure of how to change these settings, please ask your own IT department for help.

The problems with the PDF viewing in Internet Explorer is not an error in PaletteArena, therefore the only thing we can do is to try to help out customers find a way to adjust the programs so that they work with PaletteArena.