A security incident requires fast handling according to Palette Software's, and probably your own organisation's, information security policy. To make sure a ticket is handled according to the policy, it is important that the ticket is registered as a security incident.

When you raise a ticket in the Palette Software Support Portal, you get to choose a Type for your ticket. For a security incident ticket, choose Security Incident. You will then get to chose what type of security incident you are reporting; Personal Data Breach or Security Violation. If you are reporting a personal data breach, you will then get to chose what type of breach you are reporting; confidentiality, integrity or availability. You will then be asked to state roughly how many persons are affected.

You will also be able to chose a priority for the ticket. No matter what priority you chose, we will start handling all security incidents within 24 hours. For priorities with shorter standard SLAs, the standard SLAs will apply.