If you have changed your mail server, you need to make the changes listed below. To be able to change this you need to have access to your application server. It is recomended that this is done by someone with technical experience.

On the application server, and under the file structure for the Palette installation, you should find a folder named BMS or PAMS.
There you should find the file called Palette.Baltzar.Interface.Winservice.Maintenanceserivce.exe. The file type is a XML Configuration File.


Open the file with notepad and find the tag <add key="SMTPServer" value ="localhost"/>. Change the value to the new mail server, and save the file. It is recomended to make a backup copy of the file in case something goes wrong.

After saving the file, restart the Palette Maintenace Service, a Windows service located on the application server or SQL-server.

For information on how to restart Palette Maintenance Service, see FAQ How do I restart Palette Arena Maintenance Service?